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Quality Information

QDP Technologies focuses on providing products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements. This goal is reached by strict conformance to all specifications, continued process improvements and employee/management training. We have many different tools for in-process inspection of the parts. Here is a sampling of what we have:

  • 2 Numerex CMM's
  • 16” Deltronic Optical Comparator
  • Sunnen Bore Gage
  • 0-12” OD micrometer set
  • .005/1.00 gage pin set
  • 0-24 Mityutoyo Digital Height Gage
  • Mititoyo Profilometer
  • 0-20” caliper range
  • .500/5” bore gage set 0-2 drop indicators

QDP has more inspection equipment on hand, if you would like more information please email us at qdp@qdptech.com

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